Long Hair Don't Care

Sep 21

ducksorclowns said: I’m confused on that too…

That was just a horrible play….

gfe1979 said: Side note could the announcers be just just as annoying as Buck/Aikman?

They’re getting to that point.

really?…no….throw the ball away from the inzone, don’t run it….


Alright everyone take a shot everything they mention that fumble again

a mad Rodgers is not a good thing…..

This game is just too intense….

gfe1979 said: Now our offense needs to get fired up and do something.

They still need to shake off that fumble. They’re  flustered lol


I love me some Matthews

no flag?…..oiy….

alright guys, time to come back with a touchdown and shut this stadium up

Geez, come on boys, shake it off

sempreadorareme said: Boy, I hope Detroit’s Offensive Coordinator calls a time out.

bahahahahaha I love you!